What we do

We handle the visuals of your scientific or tech piece - from A to Z. All you need to do is to provide your scientific story and data, and we take care of the rest.

Our Services

3D models

Give us your measurements, and we provide you with the corresponding 3D model. We currently handle crystals, molecules, and devises. New features are continuously added and announced through our channels

Scientific static and animated stories

In case you want to add artistic post production to your models, and don't know how to do it alone, you can use this option to receive your product in the form of images and videos intead of raw models.


If you are unsure of the data and information you need to provide to get a visualization, contact us and we will guide you through the process. We also give tips on best methods to visualize your data.

Submit now and enjoy free Story-Board service (limited time only)

Client Stories

Together with Material Solved, and in few days, researchers and students could transform their equations and data into compelling visual stories suiting everyone's budget!

Applications include and not limited to

  •   Create a creative Package for your scientific publications using state of art tchnologies : TOCs, teasers, analysis charts, and animations
  •   Transform complex equations and scientific concepts into visuals that students and trainees are able to understand in few minutes
  •   Make the complex scientific concepts attractive and easy to understand by the public and let science take a place in the digital content world.
  •   Get more insight into the data you use in your lab and don't blindly work on it
  •   Market your invention and science
  •   Convince the patent and fund proposal committees from all backgrounds
  •   Education material for all ages and purposes

Who can use our service

Professors, teachers, researchers, students, digital content creators, inventors, and trainers We also serve scientific illustrators, marketers for science and digital content creators.


  Deadline friendly

We provide a minimal yet effective set of visuals in average of 10 business days to meet urgent deadlines. You don't have to waste months on learning how to create do this yourself

  Your Copyright

You will not worry about plagiarism‎ or copyright issues. You will create your own visuals customized to your problem, stand-out, and stick in the memory of your audience.


You don't have to spend fortunes on several softwares and specialists to create your visuals

  Professional visuals

We know the right colors, font size, printing resolution, and all those time-consuming details


We will create the story-board together. You don't have to worry about including all the tiny detiales at the first handshake.

  Supports Arabic and English languages

Our team include Arabic speaker team, and can create Arabic contents to easily deliver the complex non-scientific concepts to all the arab world.


Material Solved has helped me to explain the work of five weeks in five minutes through five images only! I found big difficulty in explaining my work to the scientific society using traditional methods before. I also enjoyed the communication with the team, they are respnonsive and available. Being able to communicate both in Arabic and English is a strong plus! I would be happy to collaborate with them again.

- Amal Al-Amri Materials science PhD student

Material Solved helped me to get a best poster award in a multidiciplnary conference!

- Nour El-Sagan PhD - Clean combustion

Martial Solved have captured the idea we wanted to deliver completely, and made it understood by everyone. The story in our video was exactly as we wanted and we have used it in many presentations and exhibitions which made our shows look shiny, clear and on another level to other startups. Thank you guys...

- Mustafa Mousa PhD - Sadeem Technology

Awards and Recognition

The New Venture Accelerator Most promising award

Your Middle East seed reward

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